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The issue of obesity has become more or less an epidemic these days. Low energy spending lifestyle, high calorie diet consumption and especially increase of junk food intake are the primary reasons for increasing weight leading to obesity in people lately. Effective weight loss techniques are quite necessary to avoid the health complications imposed by obesity. Some of these complications include risk of heart attack, depression, less reproductive capability and orthopedic issues.

The best and obvious effective weight loss technique is increasing daily physical exercise. Surveys show that changing the lifestyle and dietary habits show good results in effective weight loss. In parallel to increase in physical exercise, eating proper and healthy diet gives encouraging results. These modifications in eating habits include dieting and crash dieting schemes.

Dieting is widely used as a good means for effective weight loss. Generally, low calorific diet with rich fiber content is prescribed by physician to lose weight. In the human body, energy gets stored in three forms, carbohydrates, fat and proteins. Using energy burns some of these energy sources. The order in which they are burned is carbohydrates in the first, fat later and proteins in the last place. Inadequate physical exercise and less energy spending lifestyle accumulate fat in the body and hence these fat deposits must be removed first in order to decrease obesity and for effective weight loss because of this low carbohydrate diets are being prescribed by dietitians for losing weight.

Fiber rich foods are given for effective weight loss in order to ease the digestion process since low carbohydrate foods are somewhat difficult to get digested. In the crash dieting scheme, a willful starving will be adopted for twelve hours. This starving includes no intake of any food, except for water. This scheme is implemented in order to decrease the weight rapidly. If crash diet is employed, instead of burning up fat deposits in the body, the protein storage is used up which in turn disturbs the metabolism in the body, hence crash diet is not recommended for effective weight loss. Instead, low calorie food with lots of fiber and water is always good for losing weight. This is a rather long-term solution for effective weight loss.

When all the dietary and physical exercise weight loss schemes show no result and the risk of the long time taken for these methods cannot be taken, surgical schemes can be adopted. One of the most popular surgical schemes for effective weight loss is liposuction. In this method, fat deposits are removed from the body surgically. These surgeries are generally performed in periodic intervals of time. The effectiveness of this weight loss scheme has always been in debate. Patients tend to get intolerant to liposuction and the lost weight is recovered by the patient again later, hence liposuction is prescribed along with diet and exercise routine typically.

It is universally accepted that instead of using effective weight loss schemes, it is always better to take care in order to avoid obesity which results in several serious issues.

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