Placing Children and Families First

Placing Children and Families First

Sandia Crest Mental Health LLC works in conjuction with other clinics to provide wrap around family services. These services may include initial assesment, psychotherapy, medication management and group therapy.

Edward Lobaugh CNP our clinican can provide initial assessments, medication management and psychotherapy for anger management, PTSD, Depression and other personalized forms of cognitive behavior therapy that is client centered.

Our office is in Moriarty inside Torrance County Counseling.

Please click this link to make a reservation. You must submit an email address to make changes to your appointment at a later time. Appointments made without valid phone numbers and emails will be canceled.

Or you can call 505-435-9922 to make or change an appointment.

Sandia Crest Mental Health LLC is now offering a unique perspective to interpersonal therapy. If your child has depression, self esteem issues and or ADD/ADHD we have a special program developed to address these issues. To be considered for this alternative therapy that takes place on the Old Windmill Dairy Farm in Estancia, NM your family member must be have an initial evaluation done by our nurse practitioner. If you are interested please tell the receptionist when booking your first appointment.

Collaborating with local farms such as Old Windmill Dairy allows the therapist the ability to bring something special into the therapeutic alliance and milieu.

Practice Philosophy

We believe in holistic mental health care. Working with your primary care provider can be an essential part of your treatment as medications can interact. Knowing what medications you are on can help prevent severe side effects.

When you see our nurse practitioner, he will provide alternative solutions for treatment.

Behavioral Modification Therapy can be an effective approach to learn how to control your childs aggressive behavior, inattentiveness, and impulsivity.

Ed Lobaugh Supports the initiative to bring fresh, nutritious foods to local families. We urge you to read the Slow Money Allianceprinciples and sign them today.

Our primary focus is child and family well being.

ADHD, ADD, Depression, Bipolar, Chemical Dependence, Substance Abuse and psychosis.