National Health Insurance - Part 40

National Health Insurance - Part 40

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By Zane Backhouse on 07-09-2010

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According to the article “Council to Vote On Voluntary Insurance Plan” by Jennifer Bailey on, there may be a change to vision insurance quotes in Danville, IL affecting Illinois health insurance.

In Danville, they are considering authorizing an agreement for voluntary dental insurance and voluntary vision insurance for current city employees and retirees.  According to Risk Manager Kathy Courson, the success of the dental plan prompted many workers to inquire about a vision plan to help with vision insurance quotes in their area.

The city will provide the means for employees to get coverage on an individual basis.  The

Employer-Based Health Insurance Plans Providing Less Care for More Money

By Lilly Syme on 05-09-2010

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When employees look at their health insurance plans today, they see more responsibility (and cost) on their end with fewer benefits. That’s according to a new survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

In a struggling economy, companies look for different methods of saving money. One of them is shifting the cost of health coverage to employees. Unfortunately, workers must pay for those costs with the same or even smaller (for those who have taken pay cuts) incomes! W

American Workers Paying More for Health Insurance

By Brayden Daley on 05-09-2010

Health insurance is one of the greatest benefits of employment, with employers often sharing the cost of coverage with their employees. More companies are offering the benefit of health insurance to their employees, however, with the economic downturn and the higher cost of claims, many US workers are now paying more for their coverage than in years past.

Health Insurance is a Costly Workplace Benefit

The 2010 Employer Health Benefits Survey released this week by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research and Educational Trust has found that 69% of companies offer their employees health insurance coverage, up from 60% in 2009.

By Brayden Daley on 05-09-2010

The term “aggregate” refers to the sum of accumulated parts, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. clarifies its use in insurance as the maximum coverage amount an insurance company must legally provide, regardless of the number of claims that comprise that total.

Aggregate limits apply to personal liability, property damage or health insurance coverage, according to AllBusiness. A policy’s aggregate limit covers any number of expenses or damages up to a set maximum dollar amount. Beyond that limit, the insurer has no financial obligation.

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American Workers Paying More for Health Insurance

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