2009 November 02 Fast Weight Loss

2009  November  02  Fast Weight Loss

America has always taken fitness to extremes. In the late 60s when we found out continuous movement burns fat and calories, we began having more running races. We took a 5k and added  an 8 and a 10k. Then came half marathons, marathons, triathlons, eco challenge and more.

The latest fitness craze is cross fit which de-emphasizes form and proper technique. Proponents of these workouts have often stated, “The workouts can kill you”. Unfortunately, litigation has challenged the use of these movements.

While some within the industry seem to endorse and encourage the use of these techniques, we at Mike George Fitness System emphasizes the use of proper form and technique. Consequently, we can not endorse any technique that de-emphasizes form.

Health is our primary concern. Our programs build you up, not beat you up. MGFS uses high intensity programs, once the client has mastered the basics. Form is still maintained, even in the more difficult exercises. It is not only prudent, it is a fundamental requirement to maintain safety.

We have many different programs including active rest, push and pull, structural integrity, learning, super slow, sport specific, conditioning, circuit, hypertrophy and speed/power/agility.

Crossfit takes risks. We don’t deal with risks. We at Mike George Fitness System deal with science. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Providing personal training in Chicago, Mike George Fitness System is a private facility where you can focus on your goals without worrying about anyone else. Our state-of-the-art, private facility and one-on-one personal training programs are tailored to improve your health, strength, tone, flexibility and endurance through the scientific application of progressive resistance. Call 312-943-6700 now to schedule your free consultation.

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