Smoothie Suggestion for Kids?

Smoothie Suggestion for Kids?

I need a smoothie recipe that contains most of the vitamins and minerals suggested for the day. Or something I can make a few times a day that would give the kids the nutrition they need.

We drink smoothies all the time, so I thought this would be a great way to give them some natural vitamins instead of JUST a multi vitamin. Please no suggestions for multi-vitamins. Just smoothie recipes. I’ve been blessed with kids that love to eat their veggies, but sometimes I want an alternative.

Here’s the kicker, it has to be non dairy, non soy.

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I make fruit smoothies with some veggies, without having to use any dairy product.

I replace it with a banana.

1 cup of organic pressed apple juice (fresh squeezed orange juice works as well)

1 peeled orange (if using orange juice replace with apple)

add 2 cups of crushed ice and mix on high until smooth

if too thick just add more juice, use green bananas for less of a banana flavor,

and it’s always fun to experiment, the last one is like drinking apple pie, add some vanila ice cream for a alamode delight.

cranberry juice always makes a nice tart base

grape juice if mixed with the wrong fruits will look like throw up, might turn the kids off.

peaches can always be thrown in and add a nice dimension on flavor,

but again just experiment and have the kids join in, it’s a great way to have them eat a balance diet via a drink.

Fishmasta recipes are great! I have a Health Master that I use everyday to make this great tasting green smoothie:

1 large green apple or 2 small green apples

You get the benefits of spinach, but you cant taste it all. My local smoothie operator charges $5. 00 for a small glass of the exact same drink. I can make about 10 servings for about $6. 00.

i add 1-2 cups of spinach leaves to my smoothies. you can’t even taste it, but spinach is really high in vitamins and minerals. my two favorite ‘recipes’ are strawberry banana and pineapple, orange, banana. i freeze all of my fruit and i either use milk or juice for the liquid part. i don’t know how much of everything i put in, i just go off of taste lol. anyways, sometimes i also add a bit of splenda or agave syrup. have you thought about trying almond milk? good luck!

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